Q. What's 5D?

A. Nope, we haven't physically just discovered a new dimension! However that is our concept when developing exciting new things to create with your photos. 5D derives from:

your 2D photo + our 3D processes = your5Dphoto.com.


Q. Can we sell them in our shop?

A. Your5dphoto is open to your partner proposals. We provide a structured process through which you can add our products into your existing offering without the need for investment in technical skills and equipment. We do however, recommend that you have basic knowledge of computers and photo files. For further information please read the webpage "join us" and get in touch.


Q. Can you make your 3D crystals with colour?

A. Our 3D photo crystals cannot be created as a colour photo since the nature of the product is not an image printed with ink nor is it created and encased. The 3D image is created directly inside the block from the glass itself.


Q. Can I have a name engraved?

A. Yes! All of our crystals include text engraving and a gift box in the price. Just tell us the message you would like to add by typing it in the appropriate text box during the order process.


Q. What if it is an old photo?

A. We can work with any existing photo from old polaroids to your most recent smart phone selfie. Digital photos can be uploaded direct to the website but for an original print you will need to have this scanned so it can be. If you require help or advice with this, please get in touch.


Q. Why does it take a week? I have seen these made on location!

A. Your5dphoto has advanced techniques for creating 3D photo crystals from your own photo. There are locations which take a scan to engrave into the crystal (we have run these ourselves) but the image is of poor quality and requires the subject to keep still. Also be weary of companies which do not actually create a true 3D image and actually just engrave a flat photo into the glass! By creating 3D from a photo, your5dphoto.com allows you to use your favourite snaps from any point in time!


Q. Can you remove the background from my photo?

A. Yes. Removing the background is a natural part of our 3D process to create a clean and clear image. This also lends itself to scope for adding people from different photos into the same crystal. It is important to note that our 2D crystals such as the paperweights, do not naturally include removing of the background. Please let us know in the coments area of the order process if this is your preference.  


Q. Is it just people that you engrave?

A. No. While portraits of your friends and family are the perfect subject for a crystal gift we can engrave any face. Dogs are one of our most popular! We can also create custom designs, trophies and work from your existing 3D CAD files. Please get in touch if your would like to discuss these ideas. 


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch by sending an email or message us on FACEBOOK